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LACU Board Members



Keith Davidson


A Officer

Vice Chair (Membership Services)

Complaints Officer

Pastor Campbell

Vice Chair (Pastor Liaison)


A Cameron

Vice Chair (IT)

J Cameron


Training Officer

P Alexander


A Soyam

Assistant Treasurer

V Davidson

Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Assistant to the Treasury Dept


R Smith

Delinquent Loans Officer/Credit Union Solutions

Assistant to the Treasury Dept

V Wilson



Membership Services Officer

J Alexis

Credit Committee Chair

D Joseph

Communications and Marketing Officer

SCV Officer

M Rodney


Credit Committee Member

R Stephens

Supervisory Committee Chair


Committee Links Officer (ex-Board)

C McDonald

Midlands Representative (Board Invitee)

History of the LACU

In 1984, a group of concerned Seventh-day Adventist men (Sam Cozier, Keith Davidson, Osrique DeCoteau, Lambert John, Algernon Joseph, Andrew Joseph, Alfred Officer, Martin Rodney, James Ryan and Livingston Weekes), encouraged by Pastor Everett Howell, decided to take action to encourage fellow Seventh-day Adventists across London to a new vision of economic self-betterment thereby building the economic strength of our people.  On 27 May 1984, the LONDON ADVENTIST SAVINGS CLUB was born, determined to challenge our members into a renewed disciplined approach to saving.   By November 1984, its assets had grown to the princely sum of 1287.64!  Read more...


Function of the LACU

The LONDON ADVENTIST CREDIT UNION LTD, a financial institution, is authorised and regulated by The Financial Services Authority, bearing Firm No. 213267 as a Version 1 credit union.  LACU Ltd was born out of a desire for ordinary people, within the common bond of the Seventh-day Adventist faith and others of their household, to recognise their own ability to shape and develop their individual and collective economic strength, and consequently their quality of life. Read more...


                         Office :   LACU c/o The John Loughborough School, Holcombe Road, Tottenham, London N17 9AD.
                                 Mobile :  07930 854730  Email :